Thursday, June 18, 2009

WPBA Great Lakes Classic, Match 1

As I have learned lately, life is a challenge. This tournament will be no different. Not that anyone is an easy draw, but there are some tough ones. My first match is against former top 10 player Sarah Ellerby. She has missed three tournaments so she was no longer ranked in the top 32 coming into this event.

Sarah Ellerby

I'm still a little jet-lagged but I think it will be a good, tough match. It is nice to be home and some of my family is coming to watch. If you check this before 3pm CST you can catch the match live on the WPBA website.

I'll be back later with a re-cap!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Back in the U.S.A!

The adventure has ended and boy, was it an adventure! I got home Monday night and since then I have managed to eat, sleep and do laundry. Of course, if you know me, you know what my first meal back was... A cheeseburger of course!

Of course I also had to have a steak last night and a couple big glasses of milk! Wow, did I miss those things!

I don't have too much time right now to do a full update. Myself and about 10 others that have been in Asia for a month have to go to the WPBA Great Lakes Classic. The players meeting and Pro-Am are tonight so I have to leave in a couple hours to I can get there in time. Luckily for me, it is only about a three hour drive from home! If you live in the area, come check it out. The hotel and casino have been totally re-done including a new ballroom for us to play in. From the pictures I have seen it really looks great!

I will say this, China was awesome! The tournament itself was incredible, the hotel was awesome, the food was great and I could go on and on. I wish that I could have had about another week in Shanghai. I only got to see a small portion of all there is to see! On top of that, I didn't do too bad in the tournament...finishing 9-16th with a win live on TV...or well, half on TV since it got cut off by the local news. I wish I would have known that blogger was blocked in China. I would have done the Philippines updates before I left the Philippines! Luckily for myself and everyone else, I took notes. I will post more tonight when I have time to add in all of the pictures.

And finally, I have to thank PoolDawg for sponsoring me for the WPBA event! Unfortunately, my roomie and good friend, Debbie Schjodt can't make it to the event and PoolDawg needed someone to fill in. Debbie nominated me! Those are some big shoes to fill, but I hope I can do well. Look for lots of pictures with Frank the PoolDawg on his blog! Hopefully he behaves for me since Debbie won't be here to keep him under control!

Thanks for hanging with me...I know it got boring seeing the same post over and over again. Check back daily for the Asia recap and up-to-date WPBA updates! I have to get back to laundry and packing...again.